Complete Chattel Appraisal Software by AgWare

Organize and expedite your appraisals with AgWare Chattel—a complete chattel valuation system that meets the needs of Farm Credit Associations.

Chattel Appraisal Software

Integrated, Efficient Workflow

Our web application helps you integrate external valuations and loan data into your appraisals. It includes a mobile app that enables you to collect notes, pictures, and geolocations during field inspections and synchronize them with your main database. In the office, you can then generate standardized reports or export your results for further analysis.

Collect and store chattel locations across large subject properties.
Photograph and organize inventory for later integration into reports.
Take detailed notes about inventory conditions and specifications.
Use calendar tools to keep up-to-date with appraisal timelines.
Use powerful desktop tools to generate appraisal reports.
Share data across your enterprise network.

Manage Subjects in a Desktop Environment

With decades of experience in the ag and chattel appraisal industry, we know what you need to succeed. Develop in-depth and comprehensive reports for your clients without doing double work.