About the Software

AgWare Chattel places the inspection and valuation of equipment, commodities, and other chattel property at your fingertips. To start, Chattel lets you create descriptive subject profiles that include

  • Loan details
  • CIF information
  • Inspection status

You can then specify inventory locations for the subject by address, price region, parcel number, and geolocation. This allows you to deep-dive into the geographic aspects of subject and chattel profiles.

To streamline the property inventory and inspection process, Chattel includes third-party API integrations for equipment and commodities with

These integrations allow you to pull in thousands of equipment and commodity options prior to your field inspections. This drastically reduces input time and increases data accuracy, which allows your appraisers to focus on relationships, research, and analysis.

Chattel also includes notation, attachment, and mapping modules that allow your staff to add general information to subject profiles.

With decades of ag appraisal experience under our belt, AgWare is uniquely qualified to automate the chattel appraisal process. To request a demo of the Chattel application, please call us at (605) 787-7871 or request a demo online.