Chattel Mobile

The mobile app is a vital component of the AgWare Chattel application. It allows inspectors and appraisers to use their tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices as documentation tools.

With the Chattel mobile app, you can

  • Swiftly update subject profiles and chattel inventories during inspections
  • Take pictures in the field and instantly attach them to equipment and commodity records
  • Annotate geolocations as needed

Inventory and Sync

For many inspectors, a trip to a ranch, farm, or other rural setting means no internet connectivity. However, once configured by your IT administrator, the mobile app will function locally in the field and then synchronize with the database server once you regain connectivity.

1. Create a new subject profile in the office.

2. Inventory chattel in the field and save data locally.

3. Sync with server and upload data and photos.

4. Generate valuation and reports back at the office.

Chattel enables your team to execute organized inspections without doing double work. If you need help using or configuring your mobile app, call AgWare at (605) 787-7871.