Chattel Mobile App 22.823.181

Resolved Issues New Features In the equipment list press “Show: All” on the left side of the screen. Toggle the filter to show pending and press done. Equipment list shows … Read more

Chattel Mobile App 21.1015.172

Corrected subject download and dark mode errors. Improved reporting of log-in errors.

Chattel Mobile App 21.1007.171

Corrected critical error that crashed the app when the user selected Account from menu.

Chattel Mobile App 21.0920.166

Fixed problems with deleting subjects. Added notification if client version is older than server version.

Chattel Mobile App 21.1007.170

Changed Inspection Status categories and Commodity Count and Measure numbering systems. Fixed critical errors that crashed the app.

Chattel Mobile App 21.0916.165

Resolved Issues Moved Home button to flyout menu in order to improve ease of use with bottom/footer menu.