Chattel Web App 2023.1.42.3227

Version: AgWare Chattel Web App 2023.1.39.2889 Release Date: July12, 2023 Download Link: Download Now Swapped valuation index and subject columns on home page. Fixed issue where subject other total value was missing … Read more

Chattel Web App 2023.1.39.2903

Version: AgWare Chattel Web App 2023.1.39.2903 Release Date: April 14, 2023 Download Link: Download Now Updated the report generator to allow for Word and Excel attachments.

Chattel Web App 2023.1.39.2893

Version: AgWare Chattel Web App 2023.1.39.2893 Release Date: April 10, 2023 Download Link: Download Now Fixed issue where commodity condition was not showing on the report.

Chattel Web App 2023.1.39.2889

Version: AgWare Chattel Web App 2023.1.39.2889 Release Date: April 10, 2023 Download Link: Download Now On the valuation Comment tab, underneath the main comment, we now display a new “Report Group Comments” … Read more

Chattel Web App 2023.1.36.2786

Version: AgWare Chattel Web App 2023.1.36.2786 Release Date: January11, 2023 Download Link: Download Now Added usage and count on the subject attachment grid. Added a popup to save changes when stepping off … Read more

Chattel Web App

Release Date: December 8, 20022 Resolved Issues New Features …the button invokes the following dialog. The grid is automatically loaded with all the last commodity prices recorded. All you then … Read more

Chattel Web App 2022.1.29.2520

Corrected lien summary, equipment record, and map bugs. Added secondary equipment value type, bulk valuating progress bar, and duplicate entry resolution for imports.

Chattel Web App 2202.1.28.2475

Corrected value discrepancies with Tractor Zoom merging, removed unused API servers, correct map zoom issue. Added Tractor Zoom filtered list option, download notification dialog, and integration help button.

Chattel Web App 2022.1.27.2425

Improved location of buttons, labels, and dialogs. Corrected population, scrolling, and scanning errors. Created desktop and menu shortcuts, additional picklist items, and custom color and name option for header.