Chattel Mobile App 22.823.181

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed app crash when clicking on account without existing subject.
  • Fixed speed issues when loading make/model in the subject’s equipment details.

New Features

  • Status filter in the equipment page has been updated to include pending status.  The status filter for equipment previously would filter equipment with a status of not inspected.  The functionality has been changed to show all equipment with a status of pending. 

In the equipment list press “Show: All” on the left side of the screen.

Toggle the filter to show pending and press done.

Equipment list shows all equipment with a pending status (open circle next to equipment information). Toggle the filter off and press done to return to your full list of equipment.

  • Updated status icons for equipment.  Uninspected equipment will have a black x in the circle; pending equipment will have an open circle; inspected equipment will have a check mark in the circle and deleted equipment will have a trash can in the circle.
  • Added swipe items for equipment.  When you swipe left on a piece of equipment you reveal a “camera” and “insp” option.  Camera option opens the camera and allows you to take a picture.  When the picture is saved it will attach the picture to the piece of equipment and mark the item as inspected.  Insp option marks the equipment as inspected without having to open the equipment details.  When you swipe right on a piece of equipment you reveal a “not insp” option.  When you tap the not insp button it will mark the piece of equipment as as not inspected without having to open the equipment details.
  • Combined the make/model field on the equipment details page and a lookup button to help you search by make or model.  Press lookup on the right side of the screen; this takes you to a search screen to search by make or model.  The list will filter as you type one or two characters.  Tap on the make/model to select, you will return to the details page and populate the details page with the make/model selected.