Chattel Web App 2022.1.29.2520

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a bug that saved an empty Subject Equipment record if the user did not enter or set any fields and then clicked Return to List.
  • Allowed equipment with a Prior Lien to sum up on the valuation Summary page.
  • Corrected default zoom location for Subject map when a user does not enter a location.

New Features

  • Created a Secondary Equipment Value Type option for Tractor Zoom to improve the number of hits when valuating by using a fallback value.
  • Allow a user that is valuating from Tractor Zoom to try a Secondary Equipment Value Type if he cannot get a value using the Primary Equipment Value Type.
  • Created a function to highlight missing information fields when a user creates a new Subject Location and then selects Return to List.
  • Implemented SignalR function to display a progress bar and message when a user conducts bulk valuating via Iron Solutions or Tractor Zoom.
  • Created a function that resolves potential duplicate entries when a user imports makes from Iron Solutions and Tractor Zoom.
  • Implemented Transient Fault prevention using Polly when calling third-party APIs.