Chattel Web App 2023.1.39.2889

Version: AgWare Chattel Web App 2023.1.39.2889
Release Date: April 10, 2023
Download Link: Download Now

  • On the valuation Comment tab, underneath the main comment, we now display a new “Report Group Comments” section where comments can be entered for each used report group. The list if grouped by Equipment, Commodities and Other report groups and order by the Print Order defined for the report group. These fields are rich text format.
  • removed flyouts and added radio buttons on the valuation detail, certification and co-certification.
  • Added rich text format (RTF) to the valuation comment box.
  • Updated the report generator.
  • Added saved comments. These can be setup in the Setup tab.
  • Fixed import of Iron Solutions and Tractor Zoom.
  • Removed the Headings option and replace it with FontSizes so our reports don’t include rich text in the table of contents.  The report table of content picks up any heading tags and include them.
  • Repositioned subject location notes.
  •  Fixed issue where a cloned subject did not clone the price region.
  • Removed LastPass options from fields.
  • Ran a hotfix on the report generator.
  • Fixed issue where Chattel crashed when there were null values on the SubjectOther.InspectionStatus.
  • Added the ability to add Microsoft Word and Excel attachment files.
  • Fixed issue when there were no attachments and a user clicked in the attachment area, it would hang because it was looking for a non-existent file.
  • Added the ability to drag and drop multiple files at one time.
  • Added a distance scale to the location map.
  • Fixed issue where printable attachments were not saved when clicking OK.