Chattel Web App 2023.1.42.3227

Version: AgWare Chattel Web App 2023.1.39.2889
Release Date: July12, 2023
Download Link: Download Now

  • Swapped valuation index and subject columns on home page.
  • Fixed issue where subject other total value was missing if there was a null on a row in other.
  • Added count and measure unit type to the column chooser.
  • Fixed issue where the user would get a 403 if they did not have AG_BusinessAdmin permissions when trying to open subject commodities.
  • Added the ability to clone equipment.
  • Added the ability to resize grids.
  • Fixed issue USDA integration.
  • Fixed issue in the Chattel Admin tool where when creating a new instance, the path was incorrect and could not find a json file.
  • Prevented entering more than 4 characters for year fields.
  • Added a “Save and Clone” button on the Subject Eq detail page. Much like the “Save and New”, this new button saves the current record, then proceeds to create a duplicate of the record.We then automatically navigate to the new record and, for a few seconds, display a label “NEW CLONED RECORD” at the top of the page so to make it more obvious we are now on the cloned Subject Eq record.Also, if navigating back to the Subject Eq list (grid), the new record is highlighted.

    At the bottom of the Subject Eq detail page, click on “Save and Clone”

    A duplicate is created, we are then automatically re-directed to the new Subject Eq record we cloned and to make it more obvious, for a few seconds, display a green label indicating this is the clone.

    Navigating back to the list highlight the new record in the grid.

  • Added a restore layout to all grids to reset the columns to original size.
  • We now always show scrollbars on the grid.