Chattel Web App 2202.1.28.2475

Resolved Issues

  • Updated merge logic to keep the source value when (a) a user is merging a make, model, or type record and (b) there is a Tractor Zoom value in the source record but not in the destination record.
  • Removed unused API servers from the Tractor Zoom setup screen.
  • Corrected a bug that produced a “value cannot be null” error when a selected field set in a new valuation did not have a Default Certification Comment defined.
  • Adjusted the Subject location map zoom when the user places only one pin on the map.
  • Corrected the Commodity Prices start and end times to reflect the entire 24-hour day (00:00:00 to 23:59:59).
  • Fixed problem with Azure AD authentication token via console application that returns a WWW-Authentication.

New Features

  • Implemented Tractor Zoom’s filtered list option, which reduces the import time to around 5-6 minutes and retrieves approximately 2,300 makes that are more realistic make list.
  • Added a confirmation dialog to notify user if he is attempting a lengthy Tractor Zoom import.
  • Added a label that indicates when Tractor Zoom or Iron Solutions integration is off and helps a user turn it on, if desired.
  • Set the Save button in the Commodity Price import dialog to disabled until a user has input adequate information.